About me

I'm going to talk only about my true connection with fitness, sports, and bodybuilding. I hope you'll see a few reasons to look trustfully at the information written by me in this blog.

My name is Chris (). Christoforos (Χριστόφορος) is the original Greek name for the English name "Christopher", but I prefer to be called Chris. I was born in the early 80's. I have studied Business Administration with concentration in Management and Marketing. I am  a multilingual, speaking fluently three languages: English, Greek, and Russian.


My true connection with fitness, sports, bodybuilding, and the knowledge acquired on these topics

A strong percentage of my early knowledge was acquired from my family. My father is a well known athlete, trainer, a legitimate Physical Education teacher, and a legitimate Physical Therapist. He is also a legitimate Master of Freestyle wrestling and Sambo, and also a Bronze World Champion of Sambo at the age of 46 years old in 2003, in France, with much younger opponents. My mother is a legitimate Medical Doctor with three specialties; General Medicine, Obstetrician Gynecology, and Surgery. Other family members are also in the medical section, so the family's background have had always a strong base of informational support for my early years.

Since my childhood, my interest to learn about general science, the brain, the human body and its biology/physiology, was enormous. I wanted to become a Medical doctor, though some circumstances didn't allow me to achieve that and at the early teenage years I started to read the university-level books of my mother, until I finished them all while keeping every information in my mind, with incredible details. But that wasn't enough for me, so I started to acquire as much information as I could, from various educational sources and books, with passion throughout the passing years, especially when the internet went alive. Tens of thousands (literally) of research papers and articles have passed and analyzed throughout my mind. I am a person who gives extreme attention to details, I deeply-analyze every kind of information that I receive, based on acquired information and scientific logic, advanced general logic, general and/or specific optimization, ethics, philosophy, and personal ideology as a whole combination of these aspects.

In 1999, I won my first Gold medal in Freestyle wrestling in Greece, together with a silver cup to our team. My official training started from my first steps as a child, and was continued until 2002, when my father had to stop his career as a trainer for personal reasons. I didn't want to continue the official training career either, for among other plans, I didn't want anyone else except my father as a trainer, although the unofficial training with him continued through the years. I have kept all the Freestyle wrestling and Sambo experience from my father's training for me, and the desire to build my body by practicing scientifically accurate body building methods started in 2003.

When I started, my weight was 52kg's (116 lbs). It was a lean weight, for I never had any problems with excessive fat accumulation because of a great metabolism and hormonal levels. Within about half a year, I gained 5 kg's (11 lbs) of absolutely lean muscle. Within the next months, until I closed a year, I gained an extra 4 kg's (8.8 lbs). So I gained 9 kg's (19.8 lbs) of lean muscle in just a year of practicing scientifically valid (based on my acquired knowledge and personal ideology) body building methods, with correct supplementation and diet.

My training continued until 2013 - non-stop, I was going to the gym every day except Saturdays & Sundays. Until 2015, my body weight was about 80 kg's (176.4 lbs) of lean muscle mass, that I gained throughout the years of practicing body building with correct supplementation, scientifically accurate methods, and diet. Everything thanks to the knowledge acquired from my own in-depth research and ideology throughout the years, and the early informational support of my family. The total gain in muscle mass until 2015 was 28 kg's (61.7 lbs). I could achieve even more gains, but there were many things in my life that didn't allow me to pay my whole focus on training. Including a brake from gym for about three years. From now on though, my main focus is to share my knowledge with you.

I have made this blog together with the Youtube channel to share everything I know, my tips, my advice and ideology, my experience, my reviews, etc. For I want everyone to be able to achieve what I have achieved by my self. I will try to write the articles in the most detailed way possible, and all of them will be absolutely original. You won't find any copied content from other websites in this blog.

Extras about my father

A well known athlete, trainer, a legitimate Physical Education teacher, and a legitimate Physical Therapist. A legitimate Master of Freestyle wrestling and Sambo, and also a Bronze World Champion of Sambo at the age of 46 years old, in France's World Sambo Championship in 2003, with much younger opponents.

  • Four times Gold winner in whole USSR's national tournaments
  • Two times Gold Champion in Georgia's national championships of Freestyle wrestling and Sambo
  • Five times Gold Champion in Russia's Krasnodarsky kray championships
  • Bronze World Champion in France's Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Sambo World Championship in 2003

As a trainer, he helped to raise a great number of very well known athletes in the field of Freestyle wrestling. Some of them are today World champions, European champions, and Olympic game participants.

His Greek name is Hionidis Ioannis, in English "John". He has acquired 47 gold medals, 20 silver medals, and 7 bronze medals, and a great number of trophy cups and other acknowledgements, throughout his career as an athlete.